If you need to find someones birthday you can use public records to do a search. It is hard to remember everyone’s birthday and sometimes we forget. You don’t want to ask the person as this will let them know you forgot.

A good public records search site will give you the information you need, Since all searches are confidential and discreet the person will never know. Publc records can be used to search all sorts of different info, about anyone. You can do background checks, criminal and court records, financial records, marriage and divorce records, birth and death certificates, people search, inmate search, and much more.

You can really take up a lot of dirt on a person. All you need is a little bit of information to get started. Like their first and last name, if you do not know that you can start with just a phone number or and address. You can start collecting information on a person and expand your search from there. This is the way the private investigators do it.

In fact a few years ago you had to hire a private investigator to get this sort of information. But now it is available to the public for a relatively low fee. You can pay a single search fee at a very low price or go for a longer-term membership which is usually a better bargain in the long run. Once you find out how useful the service is you will want to do more than one search. Have any old friend you want to look up? Most people do.

Lost relatives, old classmates or coworkers are relatively easy to find. You can get started by using any of the services we recommend that our main page. You will get excellent results with anyone of them. Like most people you will probably try and find a free service. A free service will use a public domain database which is pretty much worthless, you can get the same information by going to Google.

So now you see how easy it is to find out someone’s birthday without them knowing, what’s stopping you. The person will be so happy you remembered!

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