People finder search engines can be very useful if you want to locate a lost family member, classmate, coworker, ex girlfriend or boyfriend, or perform any other general investigation. You may have already discovered most people finder search engines are a waste of time.

There are so many people finder sites that claim to be free, but are really not. They mislead you by taking you up to a certain point and then asking you for your credit card number in order to get your information. In my opinion that is pretty misleading. Why not just say they are going to charge you upfront? If you are lucky enough to find a free people finder service you probably won’t get any useful information from them.

The reason for that is because they use a public domain free database. The same sort of information you can get by typing the person’s name into Google or Yahoo. By the way that’s also the first thing you will want to try when looking for someone. Type whatever information you have into Google and see if you can come up with anything. In most cases you won’t find anything but its worth a try.

If you want good results, quickly visit our main page to see the best people finder search engines we recommend using. These are the top-rated people finder search engine websites. The results you get with them are excellent. They are real time savers. I have never had trouble finding anyone using their services. Here’s a tip I learned the hard way. While the single search option may be appealing because as a low cost I recommend going for a longer-term membership.

The first time I used a people finder search engine and paid for a single search. Once I found out how useful the service was I immediately thought of another person I wanted to search for. Of course to do so I had to pay again since I only opted in for the single search. Live and learn.

It’s easy to lose track of people once you’re out of touch with them. Either you move or they move, they get married and change their name, or maybe move in with another person. In the past you had to hire a private investigator and pay a pretty hefty sum to get the results you can now get yourself in the privacy of your own home at a much lower cost. And since all searches are discreet and confidential no one ever knows you’re searching for them.

Most people finder search engines require very little information to get started. First and last name, Social Security number, past phone numbers, school or jobs they attended or worked at, and old address. Any information can get you started with your search from there you can continue to dig up more and eventually track that person down to their current address and phone number. Even the hardest people to trace can be found in less than an hour!

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